Seekvisa Bank Account details

Bank Transfer (AU)

Australian visa clients please transfer to:
  • Bank Account Name: SVI Clients Account
  • BSB: 013 414
  • Account Number: 220 777 727
  • Remittance email address:
  • ABN: 85 608 349 097 – Business Name: SeekVisa
You may need these details if transferring to our account from overseas:
  • Bank address: Eastland Shopping Centre, shops L37-38, 171-175 Maroondah Hwy, Ringwood VIC 3134
  • Bank Swift Code (BIC): ANZBAU3M
  • IBAN number (this is your BSB number & account number put together) : 013 414 220 777 727

Bank Transfer (NZ)

New Zealand visa clients please transfer to:
Business Name: SeekVisa
Bank: ANZ Bank
Account Name: SV NZ Client Account
BSB: 013 423
Account Number: 421 835 743
Bank Swift Code (BIC): ANZBAU3M
Remittance email address:
ABN: 85 608 349 097

Paying Online (over the phone)

You may also make a payment online or over the phone through Square which will incur a 2.2% surcharge for each Virtual Terminal payment. This can be done over the phone or by us sending you an online invoice. Please call our office to make a payment over the phone.

Paying via PayPal

Please note that their is a 14 day hold on funds sent through Paypal and therefore if your application needs to be submitted urgently do not use this options as we have to wait until funds are cleared before working on your case.

Paypal Mechant fees can be seen here and must be beared by the client.