Changing Sponsors on a TSS 482 Visa

We’re often asked this question by TSS 482 visa holders who want to leave their current employer and work for someone else. They may be unhappy with their employer, want to change positions and roles, or they have received a better job offer.

The answer is that it is possible to change employers (sponsors), but there are rules and regulations which must be met. This is  because your current TSS visa has a condition attached to it (8607), which means that you must work only for the employer who most recently nominated you. The 8607 condition requires TSS visa holders who wish to change occupation (as opposed to employer), to have a new nomination approved and a new visa granted before they start work in a new occupation. On the other side. the new employer risks sanctions an fines if it employs a visa holder in breach of the applicants work conditions.

When you find a new employer willing to sponsor (and nominate) you, the business must be (or apply for) an approved TSS Business Sponsor and nominate you for the position they have for you. They must also be able to show that the business has a genuine need for someone in your position and evidence that they have tested the market and have found no one locally (Labour Market Testing) with respect to the position. Unlike the 457 visa, you cannot link a new nomination to be linked to your current TSS 482 visa and you may only move to the new employer once the new nomination and visa have been approved but not before.

If you are in this situation contact us to discuss your options. We are experts in TSS 482 visas and have assisted many TSS visa holders and their employers.