Many Chinese visa applicants suffer from language and culture barriers when applying for an Australian visa.
These barriers not only make them feel confused and lost but also put them in complicated situations, such as being labeled as a suspicious applicant when they are indeed telling the truth.

Seekvisa staff and our associates can provide personalised immigration services and solutions in Melbourne in Chinese language.

SeekVisa 是一家跨国移民公司,专门提供澳大利亚和新西兰的移民服务。我门的团队经验丰富,在提供所有澳大利亚和新西兰签证和移民事务上业界内有优异的声誉。 无论是独立技术移民, 雇主担保移民, 商业和投资移民 或者亲属移民,我们的移民代表都有多年的办案经验和极高的成功率。SeekVisa 总部位于墨尔本。 我们的移民代表是Migration Agents Registration Authority (移民代理注册管理办公室) 注册,对移民法有深层的了解。 SeekVisa服务包括 提供量声定制的移民服务, 详细说明所有的费用, 让您随时了解申请的进度, 并按照移民代理注册管理的守则解决方案。

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