Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions (Reschedule Appointment Service)

  1. You will not be able to change the submitted details after payment has been made, so please make sure all the information are accurate.
  2. Please note that after service payment, the service fee is refundable ONLY IF we could not find your desired dates after 5 working days (7 calendar Days) from the payment date, which is a rare case. Other than the aforementioned point, you understand that you CANNOT CANCEL this order for any other reason and the paid amount is NON-REFUNDABLE.
  3. IMPORTANT: you MUST be ready for the exam before placing your order as your exam would be booked between 1-14 DAYS after the payment date. In addition, your time should be FLEXIBLE as we cannot guarantee specific time of the day.
    • For example: if you place your order today, your exam would be rescheduled within 7 days from the payment date, and the date of exam will be for anytime from the next day to 21 days after that. The exam time might be anytime during working hours too, for instance, 10 am or 3 pm.
    • Another example would be: if you placed your order on 1st of May 2019, then order for reschedule will be delivered until 7th May, and your exam date would be anytime from 2nd to 15th May.
    • You can also request the date to be started from specific day: for instance, from 7 days later until 21 days later (14 days between).
  4.  Due to the high volume of orders, we do not offer the obligatory choice of exact time of a day as it is an arduous and time-consuming task for us.
  5. Exams are booked for only weekdays as there are no exams on weekends.
  6. Upon rescheduling your exam date, you will receive the official letter from the Department. In addition, we will message you to make sure you have received it. 
  7. During the 7 days period, please be patient.

If you have completed our Citizenship Reschediule Form and would like to confirm your order please pay $550 to the below account. We will contact you once your appointment is rescheduled. Once paid please send a screenshot of your receipt to [email protected] so that we can process your order as soon as possible.

Bank transfer details

  • Bank: ANZ Bank
  • Account Name: SVI Clients Account
  • BSB: 013 414
    Account Number: 220 777 727

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