Italian Speaking Migration Agent In Melbourne

Italians seeking to move to Australia need an Italian immigration agent Melbourne to help them with all the migration paperwork required for permanent residence. It goes without saying that the registered migration agent or licensed adviser that you hire should have experience handling similar cases. The last thing you want is to hire an amateur who asks for a huge fee and takes forever to finalize your long awaited move from Italy to Melbourne.

Why do Italians move to Melbourne, Australia?

Melbourne is one of the most livable cities in the world, and it is highly appealing to people from Italy and the rest of Europe. The city features a population of over four million residents, and Victoria boasts a population of over six million people. This means that the city and its surrounding areas include all of the amenities and cultural opportunities that anyone could want.

Victor Organero

GradCertMigLaw (VU),

Juris Doctor -Master of Laws (current) and Bachelor of International Studies – Political Science, Spanish

Victor is a Registered Migration Agent with previous experience in an immigration law firm in Melbourne. Victor has extensive experience in Employer Sponsored visas (including 482, 186, 494). He has extensive knowledge of Immigration law and regulations, he advises businesses as well as individuals across a broad range of visa categories. He is professional, extremely organised, motivated, and dedicated to his clients’ needs.

Victor is also experienced with other visas including Skilled, Partner and Distinguished Talent visas. It’s the challenge – or the multifaceted approach required to navigate the Australian migration system that keeps him focused. Victor speaks Spanish as a second language – ¡hola!

Finding the Right Italian Immigration Agent in Melbourne

Choosing the right Italian immigration agent can mean the difference between enjoying life comfortably in a new city and worrying constantly about your visa or legal status. This is why Italians are encouraged to consider using the services of Seekvisa Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers.

Our firm has been known for exceptional service, and it is equipped to handle all types of immigration cases. The best thing about us is that they will make sure that your case is handled by the best migration agents in Melbourne.

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