New Zealanders in Australia that are Eligible for Government Support

With the outbreak of COVID-19, many people may experience sudden financial hardship and need financial support to continue their stay in Australia. Below we will summarise the current regime in place to help New Zealanders in Australia.

Subclass 444 holders may be eligible for Job Keeper or Job Seeker payment.

Job Keeper

The legislation for Job Keeper payment is passed on 8 April 2020. The ATO is updating their website to provide more information.

For now, we know that if you are a holder of a Subclass 444 and you are a resident for Australian tax purposes on 1 March 2020, you may be eligible for the payment.

APPLY: Employers can register their interest to apply here.

Job Seeker

To be eligible for the Job Seeker Payment:

  • you’re between 22 and Age Pension age
  • you meet residence rules
  • your income and assets are under the test limits.

You also need to meet rules for either of these situations:

  • You meet our definition of unemployed and you’re looking for work.
  • You’re sick or injured and are unable to do your usual work or study for a short time.

You may be able to get JobSeeker Payment for 6 months, if you meet 2 conditions. These are that you:

  • hold a non-protected Special Category visa (SCV)- you’re a New Zealand citizen who arrived in Australia after 26 February 2001, you’re generally a non-protected SCV holder.
  • have lived in Australia without a break for at least 10 years right before you claim.

Non-protected SCV holders may only get JobSeeker Payment for a single period up to 6 months.

APPLY: You can find information on how to claim here.

Seekvisa’s Coronavirus action plan

The Seekvisa team have plans in place to ensure ongoing operation for our current and prospective clients. We are able to work entirely remotely in the event that self-isolation is required or the offices are closed, including accessing client files, emails and phones, lodging applications, and accessing documents.

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