SeekVisa Consultation Policy

Required Documents
It will be best if you provide us with information on your background before your consultation. These are usually:

  • Your CV
  • Your passport
  • Your most recent Australian visa approval letter (if applicable)
  • Advise whether you have a partner, and if so that person’s CV and passport details
  • Advise whether you or any other person included in your application has any health or character (criminal) issues

For Partner visa cases we usually ask for:

  • Details about your partner. For example:
    • Is your partner an Australian citizen or permanent resident?
    • Are you married?
    • How long have you lived together?
    • Has your partner ever sponsored or been sponsored for a visa to Australia?
    • Nature of your relationship

Payment is made immediately upon booking a consultation through Square.

With notice of 12 hours or more, you will be able to reschedule your consultation through our online booking system. With less than 12 hours notice, you will not be able to reschedule your appointment.

We don’t generally offer refunds for cancelled appointments. Refunds due to unforeseen circumstance or ineligibility will be issued on a case-by-case basis.

Lateness and No Shows
In the event that you are late to your appointment, we do not guarantee that you will receive the full duration of your consultation. If you miss your appointment we will not issue a refund. For a new consultation you would have pay in full again.

Disclaimer: Consultations are only an assessment of visa eligibility and do not constitute a guarantee of ongoing visa assistance or a successful application.