Student visa to PR visa

Options to permanent residency after studying in Australia

Some students come to Australia and they like living here so much that they decide to live here and apply for Permanent Residence Visa after completion of their studies.

When choosing a course it is always important to think about it’s prospects and chances of getting a permanent visa. A start could be to look at our occupation lists and seeing which list(s) and visas you fall under. Please note that although your occupation might be on the list TODAY it could be removed by the time you are eligible for a PR visa or another temporary visa which makes you a step closer to getting a PR.

Please note there are many other factors apart from the course you choose such as:

  • Age
  • English language ability
  • Qualifications
  • Employment experience
  • Partner’s skills.

As a registered migration agency we see many students who have unfortunately gone down the wrong path due to unprofessional advice from education institutes or just friends. It is important to decide:

  1. your desired course,
  2. making sure you meet the GTE requirements
  3.  your desired university or college, and/or
  4. the city/region you want to do your studies

The 2nd point is specially important if you are applying for a student visa from overseas and could potentially increase or decrease your chances of even getting a student visa. The 3rd point is important where a state could have your occupation on their state sponsored list and you could potentially apply for a permanent visa if you get a invitation from them.

After studying a Trade, Vocational or University course you could increase your chances of getting a Graduate 485 , 457, 186 ENS, 187 RSMS, State Sponsored 190 or a  Skilled Independent 189 Visa depending on the course you choose and the time when you are applying.

Get in touch with your trusted registered Migration Agent in Melbourne and maximise your chances of becoming an Australian permanent resident. Other Temporary to Permanent visa options and how to become an Australian permanent resident: